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Pov – You Are Only Toilet To Me

Your mouth is a toilet to me. That means I sit and go and when I’m done I’ll get up. Also I’m not going to use toilet paper no more. So before I get up off from you, you will lick my asshole clean that way I know you’re done flushing. If my ass is not clean I will smash your balls. You can have a regular lunch but breakfast and dinner you will have what I had. My shit !You’re a toilet. A toilet dose not care how fast it comes out or how long it takes. If you die there is plenty of places to hide you. Now do your breakfast !!!!

Lunch With Ham And Shit

Today my wife want to eat ham and shit. What a delicious lunch!!!

Feeding Time Iphone

Ms. Xrated feeds her pig a nice helping of grade A shit

First Time Feeding For Latoya 1080p

Curvy black girl LaToya comes by to feed out toilet a nice serving of her nasty turds out of that juicy ass of hers. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.