Pregnant Girl Toilet Poop

Human Toilet By The Shooting

I need to pee urgently, and we are in the middle of shooting. So I just call a slave over and have him lay down and be my toilet. He is doing well, because I can pee non stop. When I am done, a lot of pee is on the floor, so I have him start zipping the rest. To make it more delicious, I spit in the pee for him to drink.

Rose With The Fat Ass (waitress Serving Scat)

I have been eating at this diner now for about 6 months, and Rose with the fat ass has been my server almost everytime I eat there. I think part of the reason I kept going back was to look at her ass and talk to her. Well my dream finally became a reality when I confessed my dirty fetish to her over a stack of pancakes. My secret was well received and I even found out that she totally enjoys ass play and a tongue deep in her asshole. I told her I wanted to eat her shit and in her exact words back to me she said thatÂ’s hot. A few days later she showed up to my hotel room with a big load of shit in her big butt, eager for me to actually consume her scat. On the menu tonight is a big white booty, with a tasty asshole, holding a delicious load of scat. Listen to her moan in ecstasy as she pushes her turds into my mouth and asks me to eat everything she serves me. The Scat Diner at is now open, and Rose is serving up a four course meal that you won’t easily forget! Cheers Runtime 13m16s

German Girl On Holiday Shits On Camera

Look at that sweet beach beauty that shits out a fantastic turd. Many of those german beach beauties you find on the beaches of Sylt, kinky and dirty…..