Pregnant Piss Swallow

The Fiber Lady Is Back!

The Fiber Lady makes sure she gets several cups of fiber every day… Which makes her turds terribly huge and yummy when spread across your teeth and lips. Today she walks in with her pretty, dark dress and looks around before trying to dry-push the shit out of her hole. The square tip of the shit meant that she had been holding it in while seated, and now her belly is going to explode with the length of shit she’s been holding in. The first section squelched against the walls of her rectum loudly, releasing silent farts that smelled of coffee and meat. The thick shit curved outward like a serpent but did not break, making her anus heavier as it tried to drop the rest of the log. When the first part broke off, the Fiber Lady’s anus expanded twice its size to ease out the rest, which now smelled like proper innards. The rest of the log smoothly rib boned into fat pile on the toilet and stank powerfully.

Open Mouth Pork That We Do In The Hunting

ooooh you like your Miss urging you to do your duty by licking ass and eat shit that you are nothing, you open your mouth, I get off the hot pee in the toilet framing everything well, I ran away to die, and then comes the good shit for you, the scat, so you’re not an eat shit ??? then out of the depraved language …

My Mistress Shits On Me And I Love It!

Aside from fucking, there’s another thing I need from my bitch – her loads and loads of scat. I give her a generous allowance just to have her shit all over me. Right now, she hikes up her dress and pees all over my face. Then she takes aim then pushes her scat hard from her asshole. She puts the chunks in my mouth and I swallow them eagerly, wanting more of that later on.