Pregnant Self Pee

Matilda’s Epic Scat And Vomit Fun – Third Camera Footage

This is angle from third camera, nice one, but still if you want to get full impression from video… you would better get yourself original Matilda’s Epic Scat and Vomit Fun too!However there are a few good moments here.Well, this is very epic video we made only yesterday, with length more than half an hour so while downloading it you may feel almost fresh atmosphere of vomit, shit and my enthusiasm which I put into it.I have decided not to separate it into parts, because this is complete, harmonic masterpiece and separating it will be a crime against art and my sense of beauty.I have never had such experience on camera including pee, shit and vomit in one video, I have an idea also to try to do something like that when I will have periods, so the picture will be full, pee, shit, vomit.This time I have made my girlfriend to take part in video and help me. Well, see yourself, what happened from this.

A Lot Of Peeplayingwithpee!!

I not pee all night!I pee a lot, some glassware. my feet are wet from urine! I was playing my pee!

Lia Boo’s Shitty Convo With Lil Stink

Lia Boo and her girlfriend LIl Stink were having a convo while Lil Stink was on her lunch break. Little did Lil Stink know that Lia Boo was on the other end having a very serious, gurgling mega poop session!! She was trying to be cool, but it’s sexy listening to her strain and grunt and shit while talking on the phone at the same time!! I lost count of how much fell. The bombs were so loud, I’m amazed Lil Stink couldn’t hear them herself!! Lia Boo Pound for pound is queen of the ass splashing bombs for sure!! Enjoy their interesting convo as well!! Convo didn’t end untill Lia Boo finally announced at the end ‘I gotta dig up my $h!t now!’ lmao

Toilet In Lund

I shit on my Swedish Toilet