Pregnant Shitting Eatzen

Scat Paradise Hd! Fill Up Your Mouth With My Tasty Shit!

I have my own toilet slave and he is my property. I like to play with him and use him as a toilet in my house. He must carefully and diligently lick my sweet asshole, before I start to shit him in the mouth. He’s just a toilet for me and a useless thing. I think you must be happy that you can lick my ass when I’m shitting. Then I wipe my shitty ass and put used toilet paper in his mouth. A paradise for a pervert!

Good Epiphany By Mistress Giorgia

Mistress Giorgia to wish her devotees toilet slave the good witch decides to make this beautiful video.In this video the slave has to keep a bowl with some chocolates inside.The Mistress makes a plentiful pisser completely submerging the chocolates, then one by one obliges the slave to eat the chocolates impregnated with the Divine nectar.Always wonderful Mistress Giorgia

Submissive Scat Slut For You

I think that shit is the best lotion for my body…

Slave,now,you`re Pissed And Shitted On

This time you must also drink my piss and then endure much shit!! Dare not something goes wrong!!! otherwise lick and cleans you everything you….my rosette is extremely stretched,ah you can really see how it pushes against the outside!!