Pregnant Women Peeing On Toilet

The Caviar Rubber Doll

All packed in rubber, the slave waits to receive Contessa’s noble gifts. As he was good, Contessa fulfilled his longing.Carefully, she places the toilet chair above the slaves’ head and settles on him. First, the slave get served as small aperitif her noble pee, which he eagerly swallows. Then follows the main course in the form of her noble caviar. She puts two beautiful thick sausages in the wide-open slaves’ mouth. Eagerly swallows the horny pig everything up to the last crumb. That not even the smallest remnant of her gift is lost, the Contessa takes care of, by scratching and feeding on the smallest remnants of his face. So the Contessa loves her toilets.

Watch Mummy In The Shower

Mummy has a special birthday gift for you – she will spend the whole day playing with you! Let’s start in the shower, where Mummy loves pissing and touching herself 😉

My Husband Is A Pimp & I Punished Him! – Part 3

I worked him out so hard, disgustingly I even manage to pretend loving to suck his dirty little noodle dick.. He then passed out on the floor that’s when I made him taste some of my diarrhea scat!

Toillet Brush Eater

I piss in the toilet, take a brush, clean with it all the shit rests inside and give my slave the oportunity to show me how low he will fall for me…