Preschool Pee

Closeup Of Him Pissing It All On Her Hands

Closeup of him pissing it all on her hands

Poop Eating Sis!

These ladies have a close relationship with each other since they are siblings, but maybe too close especially that it has become a part of their daily routine to quench their urges with each other! This situation is no different, other than a little bit dirtier! With their fetish for poop, what the three girls do is one of them defecates and then smears it all over her body! After which, the remaining two ladies would lick all over her to gather as much feces into their mouths and then spit swap it with her! Eventually, they would swallow! They would repeat this routine again and again, only stopping when all three of them get completely satisfied!

Farting N Pooing

i fart lots n poo lots close-up view of it coming out!

Biggest Scat: Anaconda 36cm

Second part of vdeo 279, 45 minutes, with beautifull close up, the video is all pee and scat with the biggest turd you never seen: 36 cm whith a very big diameter!!!!! It was very hard to do it, i’m sure you will see this incredible video! mp4