Pretty Girl Turd

Parking Lot Pissing On The Floor

A1 and I were stuck in traffic again! At some point I finally made it to a parking lot, because I had to pee. I did not take the offered KLO! I take off my jeans dungarees and piss on the floor !!

Mistress Roberta -covering My Pot In Shit -full

Today my pot must work hard to receive his daily meal so i decided to take the long over the knee leather boots and leggings, an corset and tease him with my boots order to him to worship them and lick them, and after i get bored with him i start to fart in his face loud and smelly pushing my ass against his face and after i pee in his mouth for him to drink all .I sit confortable on the bed rising my legs up to shit a big load of soft shit on all the head and neck to make him full of shit and when i see that the shit fell down i took it and spread it on his body and order him to suck my heels while he eats, enjoy.

Mistress Tina Pisses Me Into My Mouth!

Here pisses me the Domina Tina in my mouth and fills me with their piss! They used me as a living toilet and as submissive pee drinker! Had her after her cunt lick clean!