Pretty Girls Takes Shits

Yellow Skirt

Pee peeWhipping myself with my skirt ( childish i know )

Young Princess Shitting Old Man’s Mouth

Men are nothing more than toilets. Especially the older, which no longer get high. What did you expect? What I’ll do with you? Is this supposed to be a joke ?! The only thing young attractive women with such a miserable old creature like you is to use as a Toilet or footslave! Yes you heard right You are a living toilet !!! It should be an honor to let you use me as a toilet. My shit is for you the most valuable thing in your life! Unlike lying on the cold floor and waiting with the mouth open, someone will shit you in the mouth you will never come near a young lady. The price is, that you have to eat shit. The old man in this video is also a loser! He takes great pains. He have not only shit in the mouth but also eats the shit! As a reward, he can admire my feet and sniff them. Like a dog! The greatest humiliation however is that under the psychological pressure, he must prove to me how much it is to make him honey. In this way, I realize to him how sick he really is. What normal people find abnormal, excites him. What normal man would get an orgasm on command with shit in the mouth and under long-term insults, beatings and spitting? I know you are such a sick loser. That is why you read my texts here and look at the previews a thousand times. If you watch this Video, it will fuck your brain!

Diarrhea While Standing, Camera Placed Beneath Me

Since I had to hurry, why … the same 🙂 Yesterday siehte become nothing from the base from the scheduled 🙁 shitting video is too fast, camera came afterwards .. not work out with the recording time 🙁 hats! if I hit the camera? Telling not of course 🙂