Prison Woman Shitting

Fantastic Diarrhea Mistress

I have toilet slave! And He is very hungry this time. Too bad for him that I have diarrhea and he is my toilet. But there is no coming back for him. He lie under my ass and I command him to lick my asshole and clean them with his tongue. His breakfast is on the way so I make him open his mouth and take all liquid shit and swallow them! His mouth is full of my nasty shit! How delicious, isn’t it? – Eat slave, eat all and say thank you to your mistress! Oh this is not all, I have to take a spit in his mouth too. -Swallow slave, lick my feet and clean my ass! He is a very good toilet and I will use him again soon.

White Leggins Scat

I am wearing my nice white tight leggins while i am posing for you, showing you my hot booty and all over sudden i feel like i have to poo. So i just relax and let it happen in my pants. Such a nice feeling! Of course i will show you how dirty i am all over my butt and my pussy!

Used By 2 Divine Goddesses As A Toilet

My girlfriend liked it the last time. Logical. Why should our shit senselessly down the toilet? From now, our toilet slave will be used by us. You can imagine how extreme that must be for the slave. But we do not care! He has to eat what we shit. No matter how many times, how much or from whom it comes. If I want, then I let my dog ​​shit in his mouth! First she shit (black leather leggings) a big dark brown Shit in his throat. Then I come (tight jeans pants) in the toilet and press my extrem big brown scat sausage also in his throat. Do you want to be shit by several sexy women? Look at our sexy asses from below, with wide open mouth on our asshole and wait until we shit you in the mouth? OK. Then write me and beg for an appointment.

Shitting In My Bosses Panties!

Sophie is cleaning a house for some extra cash and she comes across the owners new ‘body slimming panties’. The full panties are very tight and and do just the job of making Sophie’s hips look nice and slender. But when she feels the need to poop, Sophie doesn’t take them off, she goes right inside the tight nude panties!How naughty of Sophie, these panties aren’t even hers and now she’s ruined them with a load of very runny, very stinky poop!With her panties filled, Sophie starts feeling very horny and it isn’t long before she’s rubbing her dirty pussy through the stained panties, making a terrible mess until she comes. What a filhty, messy girl!Watch as Sophie cleans every smear of poop from her dirty ass and pussy until she’s all clean again. She can’t say the same for her bosses panties though – she’ll probably lose her job, but the dirty game was worth every second!