Privat Pissen

Bending Over Poop

This is a similar clip to the clips “legs together poop” and “standing pee, poop and farts” (this was a series of 3 customs made for one customer) but the viewing angle and dialogue are slightly different. Again, I start by telling you that my bottom is full of shit and i’ve been holding it for quite a while. I’m wearing a cute sundress and fullback panties. I tell you how much I love knowing how much watching me shit turns you on, I love imagining you masturbate while you watch it fall from my bottom. I pull one big, natural tit out of my dress telling you to get your cock nice and hard for me. Then I stand, bend at the knees with my legs together and start pushing. I tell you to stroke your cock while I shit. Pee comes out first, then two logs. Neither log is particularly long, but they are both extremely thick. I show you the pile on the floor and my dirty bumhole afterwards.

Scat Sweetie’s

Good Ole Spinach! Scat Sweetie must have had a whole bag of Spinach to herself!! Enjoy as I record her as she takes a massive Green Dump!! Nearly 10 minutes of Ploptastic action!! She Starts out with a nice streaming pee before getting to dropping off her Green Logs!!! Just when she thinks she?s done, I point out to her there is still another little turd stuck in her butt. Watch as she fingers it out and then decides to smear it on my leg!! We just love being silly!! Thanks for my green treat babe!!


Hot messy pooping in sexy green panties!

Shit Expands Crass Rosette And Lubricate

I must very big and thick shitting…..ah that hurt!! I smear my tits full and smear with shit my dildo….then i plug the dildo deep in my asshole,ah,i Love this!! come play with my!!