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Adelina Frau Face Sitting And Shit In Throat

Adelina Frau create another story. She was so kinky today and she prove that in this new video. She call her toilet slave again and command him to lie on the floor. Instead, she sit on his face and mouth and take his breath many times until he surrender her. She will keep her toilet in chastity another few months, for a good scat swallowing training. She enjoy to humiliate her slut and she feed him with her shit.

Sexy Latina Girl Taste And Play With Scat

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New!after A Couple Of Days, Jessica And Mia Met Again

First, they had a nice breakfast to prepare delicious shit for the slave’s dinner. Jessica was awake the whole night and only dreamed of meeting again with Mia’s slave to beat him properly, letting off steam and shitting in his mouth. It’s such a great pleasure for Jessica. Jessica told Mia how she would beat him, told about her secret desires, and Mia agreed with this, because both of these young girls loved when at their feet was stretched a slave with mouth full of “chocolate”. Jessica came to visit Mia and her slave and was completely ready. She was in despair waiting after it. Jessica tied the poor guy and began to beat him, getting great pleasure. And then filled his mouth with shit, she also filled him with saliva, she wanted to humiliate the guy much more. She believes that the place for the guys is just at the feet of the girls.

The 50th Time Of Shit

Mistress Michelle is peeing into the mouth of the slave who has to swallow all. After that the toilet slave has to swallow the big pile of shit which he gets directly into his slave mouth.