Private Pee Sex

Mistress Gaia – Your Life Is Under My Ass

Slave, are you ready to eat? I know you cannot renounce my shit and that your life is under my ass. Just to begin, you must sniff my panties just removed: uhmm … they are still wet and so fragrant! And now look how much shit all for yourself, but then you have to clean up my ass with your tongue, you know!

Lady Joice – The Private Toilet Slave Hd P2

Mistress Michelle arrives and immediately the slave creeps at her feet. Now he is allowed to swallow the piss, which has been standing on the toilet for a while. Well, the toilet slave is actually able to swallow the piss down to the last drop. Then he has to take care of Mistress Michelle’s boots and lick them and kiss them cleanly. In this time, he is verbally humiliated and Mistress Michelle makes him clear, that he must make money, no matter how.

She Is Peeing

She is peeing (JJ000579)

Maisy Extreme Scat Part 1

See Maisy in one of her most extreme Scenes. Very hard Scat Playing…..