Public Asian Shit

Poo Sul Corpo

merda ti cago addosso I feel like being pooped on you

Mistress Roberta – Worship Your Queen Before Breakfast

Today ealy in the morning i have a very grumpy mood and i act as a Queen instructing the pot each step he mus take and first is body worship starting with the feet, legs ass, but at the feet he will give an extra cleaning to the soles and heels, and after i make a nice golden shower directed o his face but somehow he misses the pee and after i shit in his mouth and push the poop down his troat with my hand ordering him to swallow it all, enjoy.

Honey Brown’s Sweet Relief!! Unflushable Monsters!!

Man home sweet home!!! Honey Brown hates having to go #2 at work, so most of the time she waits until she get back home if I can. The results of holding it in all day are Phenominal to say the least!! Enjoy a Funky half dozen clips of me peeing and dropping the off in the pool!!! Those were making a lot of splashes if you catch my drift!! These are 6 of my best clips ever!! A must have for you toilet fans!!! A nice mix of Tits, Ass, Legs, thighs, and peeing and ploppage from Honey Brown!!

Great Food, Fresh Piss In The Morning

The first way this morning did not go to the loo but straight to the kitchen to fill me a nice glass of piss on it because I really thirst hatte.Trinke because it also made ​​nice and let you off you get nothing übrig.Vielleicht yes a glass of piss when you are great.