Public Bathroom Shitting

Eat My Shit

Watch this massive load that comes out of Mistress in this POV! There is no doubt why I am the Ebony ScatQueen!

Teaching My Slave How To Eat My Shit

My slave is a new one. He is not yet trained. So I introduce him slowly. I first smother him under my ass and I control his breathing. His air is under my control. I first introuce him to predigested food by crishing food under my feet and pushing it into his mouth whether he likes it or not. Once he accepts this, I piss on him so he can get a taste of my golden juice. He is being broken in as I do with all my slaves. I smother him more, spreading the food all over his face while controling his breathing. Once this step of my training is complete, I squat over him and push out a nice smooth log of my scat all over his face and into his mouth. He eats some, but not enough so I push more deep into his mouth. To teach him more, I french kiss him while my golden scat connects us both and we both get to taste my sweet scat. He eats more and is turned on by my scatty kisses. I smother him more and give him an handjob for his reward. But I do not let him have an enjoyable orgasm. I am his boss. I will pleasure him but I will also ruin his orgasm! This is a slave in progress! He WILL be trained. ***special discount

Give Me Your Golden Nectar

Layla Moore sits naked on the floor. We’ve just had a nice session of anal sex, she had a great orgasm and in a mood for more kink. She asks me to piss in her mouth, she wants to taste my warm golden nectar hot from my cock. I am delighted to give her my hot yellow stream. I stand close so she’ll get more. Layla tilts her head back, opens her mouth and enjoys my warm piss streaming into her mouth.

Pee & Poo

watch the pee and poo comeout from close-up