Public Clothes Piss

Wanna Be Human Toilet

Right you naughty and disgusting loser?#Well i have a disgusting little task for a disgusting little loser for you. Watch me tease and mock you about your pathetic and disgusting fetish. Yes you are the lowest of the lowest but you dont care you just want to consume it all. Pathetic now get to work toilet.

Mistress Roberta- The Feast You Get Today-pov

Today morning i have prepared you some feast drinking some tea last night this morning i pee alot and also the thick sosages of shit strong and hard ready for you to slurp them into your mouth but first you have to fish them out from the pee soup they are in .

Shit Mega Soft Pile

Only comes out a long soft sausage, then it going to almost liquid. What a mega pile.