Public Mature Piss

Getting The Shit Eater In The Mood

A new slave is visiting me for the first time, and I have a plan to make him my shit eater.. Let’s face it, anything that comes from me should be considered a gift! So I start teasing him with my ass and pussy, then I call another slave over, and my potential shit eater has to suck his dick.I lay him on the floor, and he have to lick my pussy and ass.. Now we are getting warmer. So after letting him have the pleasure of licking my delicious parts, I tell him to open his mouth, and take a big dump in his toilet mouth. He did good, so my plan worked out fine. Now he is yet another shit eater!

Scat Play With My Clothes

A really horny desire of a user.I should make a nice big shit and then put on and put on – beautiful smear – my whole clothes, they tear, they tear – with my shoes in the shit play – you like hornyProduced by Suzan and Marc

Anal With’. So Much Shit’

This evening I came back from dinner and I’m really excited … I have a black dress, short and I’ll show you … no underwear … I take a purple dildo and start to put me in doggy style … but first look…. a lot of shit …. all on the floor …. I touch a bit anally and the desire to enjoy it so much … I take a handful of shit and smear on my great ass .. .. then on the nipples … thighs … the pussy … the end my pussy is so wet that I have to come with a great squirting!

Shitting While Lying

Wow, how tough is the shit lying down yet. Check it please have a look at 😉