Public Panty Pooping

Pissing On Eachother

Pissing on eachother

What A Cute Turd!

What a turd! After days at airports and in planes on my way to the us, I finally poopedÂ… a big, soft and supercute poop. This one is a customclip for louis who will eat my shit, what makes me extraexcited and if u just love pooping girls without any extras, just poop, this one is probabyl your thing..,-)

Girlfriends Are Having Scat Party!

How lucky can you be, one guy with four beautiful young girls as a neighbor and they are having a scat party tonight and YOU’RE INVITED!!!

Librarian Drinks Her Own Piss And Eat Her Own Scat!

In her break time this sexy librarian spends her lunch hour in a way that most good not imagine. Instead of rushing out to nearest restaurant for lunch she recycles past meals by serving herself with sweet golden nectar as her soft drink and delicious sweet smelling scat as her main course. YUMMY! ***Special discount