Public Pee Girl Boys

Mistress Annabelle – Lick My Shit – Hd Ver.

This morning I went to the toilet. I hade a lot of nasty shit. My toilet slave likes to eat my shit for breakfast. Especially for him I shit on the floor. Now my toilet slut should lick my ass cleanly after the toilet. Usually I use it instead of toilet paper. He enters the tongue deep into my asshole. Lick carefully, try to accept your fate. But that is not all. Do you see huge pieces of shit on the floor? Lick and suck my shit, enjoy it. This is your food, stupid slave. Eat all my shit, come on, I need to see that the floor is clean. Ha-ha-ha! You really did it, my full toilet.

Mistress Roberta -fucking Your Mouth And Your Ass With Shit Cocks-pov

Today your task will be a good one first you will have to fuck your ass and your mouth each hole with a fit cock the mouth gets the small cock the ass teh big cock both of them full with my shit after i decide you had enough i will let you eat the leftovers, enjoy!

Gotta Go

After a long day out shopping and catching some Christmas sales, I came home exhausted … I had to go so bad, but I was also sleepy, so I dropped my bags and went straight to bed! But while I was laying there … the urge wouldn’t go away … I couldn’t stop thinking about the pressure in my bladder … but I was too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom, so I laid there in my tight jeans and let the hot flow spread all over me and flood the bed. Mmmm, it was so warm, I rolled over and went to sleep!