Public Pee Girlsaloud

Dirty Feet

I was really shitting a big load today.If your fetish is feet and dirty dildo in the throat, then this is for you.Close up pissing and shitting. And barefoot in the mouth. The slave maybe puke a little hehe Very high quality . Good for big screen 😉

Mistress Annabelle – Eat And Smear My Shit Hd 1920×1080

I led the slave on a leash in my torture room. He kiss my shoes and lick my heels. Then I ordered him to lie down on a special goat and lightly hit him with a whip. Lick my ass and suck my whet pussy, if you want that I piss on you. He put his hands under my ass and I shit with diarrhea on his hand. With pleasure he eat my shit and smear diarrhea on a body. I spit and wiped my feet on him. His pitiful penis stood up and I just laughed at him and kicked him straight on his dick. Stay in the torture room and eat all my shit, dirty toilet. It’s your destiny.

Mango, The Queen’s Toilet

the breakfast for the toilet slave is the queen’s shit and urine