Public Pee Pinga

Huge Shit Stretches My Tight Asshole

An older video with newly updated quality! Here’s the original excerpt: This is for sure the biggest shit I’ve ever taken while filming. Ever knows that the holidays are a time to overeat and maybe get a little constipated – which means HUGE shits! I talk while naked for the camera for a bit and then turn around and let out a couple small farts as my monster shit gets ready to come out. I lie down on my side with the camera close to my asshole so you can see clearly every inch of this long, solid, and SUPER THICK shit come out of my pretty ass. It really stretched me out, it was shocking to watch the video back! I then bring the camera up to give both of us a better angle to look at the huge log on the floor and talk about all the pieces of food – cranberries and peas and everything – that are inside. I try to squeeze out a little more but instead take a long piss all over the shit. You can hear how much I enjoy it and see the evidence at the end of my pee when my pussy gets wet and creamy right before your eyes and drips a little bit onto the shit.

Chieko Bombs Away

A nice and solid poop from an elevated height!

140 Strapon Farts And Scat

I have a cold and I cannot stop my nose running … Also, I have gases and need to shit badly! My slave is sniffing my smelly feet first and after that, he smells my farts. Long smelly, dirty farts right in his nose. Nothing good is coming after them, right? Haha. Yes, he is going to take my big sick shit in his mouth and clean my asshole after that with his tongue! I am not finished! I am feeling sick so he has to suffer even more! I am going to fuck his asshole with my strapon while he is smelling and eating my big shit from the floor! Enjoy!