Public Pee Runk

Bonita And Rosella Vs A Full-pissed Toilet Bowl! Part 1

On the last dirty-pig-party in Bremen,the organizer had converted a toilet bowl and fitted it with a plug at the end, to which a hose was attached. All the participants, all men and women, had to piss into this toilet bowl.When this was full with about 10 liters of piss, Bonita de Sax and I swallowed this piss! Here in the first part you can see how the toilet bowl was full pissed by men and girls!Among them I am also to be seen.Then let Bonita and I, the spicy piss, taste and swallow them, using the hose. We also did piss-swapping. I was also pissed full by several men and they pissed me all into my greedy mouth! In the second part pissed me then also another girl, a hard ray in my mouth! You have not seen anything like this before. Unique, perverse, dirty and mega moist and dirty! Yes, you see, only with me!

Lady Luciana First Time – P2

These Toiletslave is punished by Lady Luciana and she feeds these slave with her shit. The toilet slave has to eat all the shit and lick clean the plate completly.

P – 3 Drink My Pee Clip Mix – 17 – Hq 640×480

HQ 640×480, time 11:29. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.