Public Pee Sex At Railway Station

Piss Squirting And Shit In Panties

Customer order – inserted slip. Nothing easier than THAT. This skin-colored panties I have worn almost a week and sweat nice. Now comes the finishing. First, I pee horny in the panties. Then I take it off, go squat over it and fuck my cunt to inject. Out of sheer lust runs me during the squirting the shit out of the ass. I think so I have never eingesaut a panties. I’m sure my naughty pig will be very happy about his package.

Premiere! Harley Swallows Men’s Piss For The First Time!

Here I met again with my teen girlfriend Harley-24.Since Harley always wanted to swallow male piss and she knows that I swallow piss, like other waters, we had invited us a user.This user should piss us both nicely in our mouths.Said done, so we squatted on the balcony in front of the user-tail and he pissed us, alternately, a mega load of piss in our mouths.We swallowed both greedily his piss down and gave us horny piss kisses and made piss-swapping.Well the horny piss, Harley tasted just as good as me.I would say that was a successful premiere and Harley is an equally hot piss drinker, as I am!

My Pee Hole

I am walking around in the apartment with Lyen Parker, and I have my “pee hole” lying on the floor. This is “it’s” only task! Lie there and catch my pee whenever I need to relive myself! So I keep stopping at my pee hole, and pee a mouth full every now and then!Lyen and me just keep walking around, totally ignoring the pee hole! But I really has a lot today. So eventually I have to stop for a longer pee break. I pee more than I have ever done before. It is really a lot of pee! My pee hole is swallowing liters of piss from me!It is so convenient to have a hole in the ground to just pee into ;). So after having filled my pee hole with my precious pee, I just tell “it” to clean itself! It is not a human, it is just a toilet pee hole!


You are a poor pervert loser, an hopeless coprophilist without any chance of redemption. In your misplaced fantasies there is no space for the ‘normality’. From now on, your excitement only depends on the sight of my anal dilatation, right before my excretion and… your eruption. You would like to be in my thong shoes sooooooo much… All crap full!!!