Public Peeing Compilation

Oxana Red Pants Double Shit

Oxana is hot pooping in her red pants and then pooping with her hairy asshole messy dinner for you!

Now You’re A Toilet!

Tina Blade is visiting me, and it has been a while since she had a toilet slave at her disposal. So I thought I’d remind her a little bit. 😉 I have a new slave who I only want to use as a toilet, this is all he is to me! So I tell him his destiny is decided, and that he need to lay on the floor. I am a strong and powerful woman, so he should expect my pee to be likewise. I pee a really lot, but he keep missing my stream, and needless to say I am not happy about this! So I push some really hard stream in his loser face. But ohh look what happened! A poop just landed on his chest. I tell him to take the shit on his chest, and eat it. He is too much of a pussy to say no to me anyway.After this I have him clean my asshole, and lick whatever piss is left on the floor. I take a shower while Tina make him get every drop from the floor.(Second cam version available on Scat and Piss femdom soon)

My New Little Shit Eater

You know, a beautiful Princess like me have a lot of slaves who wants to eat my precious shit! This slave have been begging for a long time to serve me as my toilet, and serve me he will! I have him lay down on the floor, and I tell him that I will pee more than I have ever done before! And with me that means A LOT!! I order him to open his toilet mouth, and I have him swallow me pee! This should be a privilege for him!But I have more. I need to shit as well, so I tell him to keep the toilet open so I can get a clear shot to his mouth! I shit a really lot in his mouth, and have him savor it inside. A toilet should be able to store this precious gifts! But this is not enough, I have him start jerking his dick. He should be grateful that I allow him to have a boner with my shit in his mouth. I have him on his knees, and I start giving him a footjob to get his erection hard.. Before he jerk himself and I allow him to cum on my foot with my shit in his mouth!Off course he eats his gifts from me ;)What a lucky little shit eater!(Other cam version will be available on Scat and Piss Femdom in short time)

Naomi Mandy And Lexi…

those girls poop for money to finance their university degree… but they are also into shitloving… wonderful young american teenagers push out fantastic turds… dont miss that highlight.