Public Piss And Beer

Anus Wide Open And Huge Turds In The Woods

Mistress Lilly was playing again, more and more ! The more, the kinkier ! She love to shit in the woods and she done 3-4 times again. She jogging or ride her bicycle and when she arrived in the woods, she just relieve a huge torrent of shit, 3-4 times ! The best scat Goddess in public from our store! We are proud to have her in our store and she can be the reason for remaining on the first place in top stores !

Mistress Gaia – Prisoner Pee Time

I have my prisoner in a compartment in the dungeon. She thinks she is going to be allowed out for some exercise. However, I have other ideas in mind. earlier she said she was thirsty and asked for something to drink. I told her to crawl out into the light and I would wet her taste buds. As she helplessly looks up at me. I tell her I’m going to give her something to drink. She has to open her mouth nice and wide for me. As it’s a hot day, I remove my clothes. I stand over my slut, and have a good piss into her open mouth. What a enjoyable relief for me as I watch her swallow my amber nectar. I’m sure her thirst is well and trully quenched…

Mistress Michelle- Kaviar Knebel P2

Here Mistress Michelle feeds the toilet slave who lies to her feet and with their heels. He begins to chew and swallow, but he does not make much. Mistress Michelle pulls on gloves and stuffs the shit downright in the mouth of this toilet slave. Then Mistress Michelle makes the slave a caviar gag and begins to wrap his mouth with foil. Tied up and stuffed with an inflatable dildo the slave must wait.

Horny Vixen Fucks Herself With Dildos In The Urinal! – Part 1

After licking piss and shit remains on the toilet bowl, she squats over the bowl and uses the huge dildo to fuck her slutty cunt. Not yet content with this, she asks another bitch to pee on her, giving her a healthy fix of warm pee.