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Mistress Gaia – Like Toilet

Worship your Goddess … look how beautiful She is … She is ready to give you something delicious … if you’re worthy, you will be a very lucky toilet!

Big Shit

big shit is coming!

Pee Thru Ladder / Fart / Poop Tease

i pee with ur view thru a ladder im on ;then i fart in ur face mmmm ;Next i sit and open and close my asshole for a min or two till i thin ur worthy or ready for some of my tasty nasty poop i let a turd out then u beg for more i let another one out as u AGAIN WANT MORE i let one more out and thats all u can have for right now ; ur not worthy after all maybe next video u will be NASTY BOY ! i love teasing your pathetic ass, at least u got to drink my piss ;D