Public Pissgirl

Slave Meal In Nescafe Bottle

I have a request those days from a scat fan of mine and we want to sending him my fresh shit live through postal express. Of course i cannot refuze to make a nice meal for my fans, and i shit into a Nescafe bottle and pee in a glass for sending him later. Enjoy your meal darling . ..

In The Bathtube (hd)

Hi Guys!Before showering today, I was thinking, I’m going to shit for you. I pushed my ass in front of the camera, and I did close-ups, when I shit. Came the shit. It was yellow as mustard. I anointed my ass. Then I showered. I hope, you like my ass, and my shit.

Eat My Shit Sklave

The Landy poops the slaves be fresh food directly on the plate, the slave will then only eat by mouth. Before he can do this, the slave will also lick the asshole deep by Kack residues of this he has to do without words necessarily.

Princess Rachel Evans Pov Shitting 06

Princess Rachel Evans starts a new series, where her personal slave Toto is filming her in POV-Style while shitting on him!Princess creates for her slave a yummy breackfest a lot of shit on his bread, and some spit in his face!