Public Shitting

Fucking Dread In The Package.

I was walking in the park. Really, I want shit. I went home, but the toilet is closed. I take my cotton panties off and start shitting right into the bag on the chair. I feel better.

Diva Staxxx’s Top Flight Security Dumps Pt 3!

Enjoy this 3rd installment of the the Top Flight Security Series!! These pics and clips were so hot she got fired for it!! Once Social Media catches a glimpse of Ms Staxxx they run wild with it!! Speaking of Running – The poop was racing to shoot out of Diva Staxxx’s 60 inch ass!!! These are my favorite two of her security dumps!! Just the way that big chocolate ass looks when she spreads nice and wide to let her loads out…..Good Grief!! I just would give anything to be her personal wiper for a day!! Diva Staxxx’s ass is one of my favorites of all time!!

Introducing Pookie!!

You know the routine by now!! New Month – New Ladies!! I look from coast to coast, sea to sea, and everywhere in between for new talent. This time I was able to recruit one from around the way!! I have a ex girlfriend, an old fuck buddy, Backpage chicks, porn stars, models, teachers, Real Estate Agents, hell even a Doctoral Canidate. But now I was finally able to recruit the girl next door – literally!! Say hello to Pookie!! Pookie is a homie of mine that was down to give it a shot when I told her about my site. This BBW makes a Nice FUNKY Debut with four clips. She starts with two pee clips and finishes with two gassy poop scenes. In the 1st she is interrupted mid dump by her friend who also has to poop as well – but Pookie was already blowing that toilet up!! Enjoy as this BBW gets more and more comfortable on film! A nice Debut from right next door!!

Mega User Piss-beam For My Greedy Loo-mouth!

On my hot bareback party on 07.11.15 in Osnabrück, the User allowed me piss in my greedy loo-mouth. Here pissed me the first user, a mega piss -beam in my greedy mouth! Have then obediently blown his cock clean!