Puddle Of Piss

Subby Bbw’s Scat Torture. Part 2

Second scat adventure of sub girl Anastasia. She still hates scat andthat’s why allows to humiliate herself in all filthy and rotten way onemind can get to.Maybe one day scat will become her favorite dish, but surely nottoday. or not tomorrow, however she is flattered by the love of scatfans and decides to go on her extreme and filthy journey..So let us present ]second part of incredible adventures of submissivescat slut. This time dirtier, longer and better.Enjoy

Let Me Pee On You

Two standing pee scenes shot with GoPro water protected cam! You will get the feeling that I pee on you:) Would you like that?:)

Scat On My Back

Erica is in need to poop, she knows that her man loves watching her poop on the floor while on her back.As he watches she talks dirty to him and pushes out her poop as he gets turned on by her poop and her dirty talk.

The Bears Don’t Have On Bonnie (pun Intended!)

Bears apparently aren’t the only ones that do you know what in the woods after all!!! Enjoy as Bonnie enjoys a nice Smoke in park While sitting in what looks like a lawn chair – only that ‘lawn chair’ is a Porta Potty!! Watch as Bonnie unsuspectingly Drops the Biggest Log I have yet to see on this site – Had to be at least 12 Inches!