Puke Cat Vomit Throat Shitting

Saki Sloppy Poop

Laying on her side and making a mess! Self-filmed. Close-up ending.

Pretty Girl Loves Eating Her Own Shit!

She loves herself so much that she appreciates not just her body parts, but the wastes and fluids that comes out of her body as well. She’s so in love with herself that she actually likes eating her own shit! How about that?! She brings down her panties and bends down, showing her perky ass. Someone fingers her asshole to stimulate it; minutes later, chunks of shit comes out of it, dropping it on a bowl. She takes the shit bits and nibbles on it, smiling while she does so.

Three Pisss Slaves To My Feet

three slaves lays under Princess Nikki and she piss on them from above them. Then they have to lick her feet clean of all the piss!

Dressed To Piss

After seductively putting on lipstick and getting dressed, she sits down clothed and pisses herself.