Puke Shit Cat Eat Swallow

The Silvester Slave Shit Into Mouth P1

On New Years Eve, the Scatqueens also have the need to shit. So here is a toilet slave available. First he is humiliated, flogged and used to laugh before he has to swallow a glass with thick snot and then serve as a living toilet and pissed in his mouth and shit. The Scatqueens are having fun.

Naughty Poop In Sneakers

This version is just pooping and peeing in my stiny sneakers!

My Biggest Mouth Shit, Until Now!

Here I have, another toilet slave who had contacted me a XXL-Portion, my divine shit, shitting in his mouth. And after that, have a nice load of piss, peed it up! This is so far, the biggest mouth shit, I have, shit up now, a slave in the mouth. I was Extra, not poop 4 days and therefore this is a record-breaking Portion-shit that there had guzzle the slave. We`ll see if he gets devoured them!

In The Face

You get a close view of a giant shit coming then plop