Puke Vomit In Mouth

Chew Down Your Meal With Spit And Piss

The slave gets something special from the girls to eat, all three (Chantal, Elaysa, Domi) are spitting extensively on a pancake until it is completely poured over and swims in spit. After choking the sticky mass Lady Chantal and Lady Domi notice that they have to pee urgently and use the slave as their piss gulp.

My First Pee Video

I’ve always liked the feel of peeing and I like to watch the stream of my pee. Today is the first time I film myself peeing. I grabbed a big 2 liters glass cup and went into my living room. My bladder was so full I had a very hard time not to pee before I started shooting the vid. When I’m done peeing the glass cup is half full. ***Unfortunately for an unknown reason the sound was not recorded.***

Mistress Michelle Mouthfull P1

The toilet slave of Mistress Michelle has the honor today, te be with Mistress Michelle at the bathroom while she take a bath. But first of all he gets painful face slaps from Mistress Michelle. Then she is peeing in his mouth. After that he he has to be a doormat for her, and then be the trash for her pubic hair.