Puke Vomit Piss Cat Shit

Ballerina Tutu And Heavy, Thick, Constipated Turds

I LOVE this puffy, soft, pink, princess tutu! It’s like a fluffy, frilly cloud and it’s so fun to wear! Makes me feel like a ballerina. I show it off and show off my cute tight little body in it before settling in to finally shit for you.I’ve been working through my constipation so it takes some effort at first to slowly push these thick dense balls of shit out of my tight pink asshole. 4 of these drop with a thud on the ground below me and barely leave a mess.After I’m done I wipe, and I show you the shit, picking up each and smearing around any mess. I drop them all in the toilet and flush them away!I feel so much lighter with those heavy big balls of poo down the drain rather than still inside me!

Fart & Tasting Her Own Shit!

This is what real self-love is all about – liking the taste of your own fluids, even your asshole juice! She bends over and he pulls down her panties so he can see her nice asshole. He rams his finger into it, finger fucks it hard, and pulls out. He brings his finger to her lips and makes her taste herself. She licks his fingers, loving the combination of shit and sweat taste of her fluids.

039.3.1 Pee Into Sissy’s Mouth

039.3.1 Yes, in this video i pee in the mouth of my Sissy but the best is servant situation when my Sissy dress me and when i spitting in his (or her) mouth. After too much peins she can have a very little award.