Push That Poop Out

Mistress Anna – Big Lump Of Shit

I have to go to work, but I also have to take a shit, and I don’t feel like holding it all day. Especially when I have a living toilet serving me. That way not only do I get to take a dump whenever I feel like it, but I also feel immense pleasure from its suffering. Arousing the toilet is always a plus, because it feeds on my shit like I’ve given it the best cake in the world. I kick, what used to be a human’s balls, spit on it, make it clean my shoes, and even allow it the privilege of worshipping my perfect feet. That alone should be enough reward for it to do whatever I want. After that it’s time to remind it why I even bother so much with it. Eating my waste is all that it leads to. Dehumanising it and turning it into the perfect shit eater. As always, I need very few words, for it to obey and do exaclty what I ask. Lubricate my ass, take the shit into its mouth, and just staying there like a mindless object. After all toilets don’t move. I could leave it like that for the whole day, and it would do it gladly. But enough fun for me and it. It’s time to go to work, and I have one final thing to do. Remind it of it’s place in life. I kick it some more and spit on it, while explaining what it is to me. It’s so good being me- a Goddess.

Mistress Jade Part 4

Mistress Jade

Kinky Slut With Fat Ass Shits On The Grass

Kinky slut with fat ass shits on the grass