Pushing Out The Poopies

Extreme Incredible Amateur Scat Beauty Teen Slave Feeding ( She Eats A Lot Of Shit Real Feeding!)

Extreme Incredible amateur Scat Beauty Teen Slave Feeding ( She Eats A Lot Of Shit Real Feeding!)

I’m A Dirty Big Sow

Outdoor scat games where I’m dressed as a sow with pig’s nose and ears, I walk on all fours, my master whip my ass and my pussy with a stick, he piss on me and I roll into the earth. I poo in a bowl, I spread my shit on my body and my master poo in my mouth. Completely soiled I masturbate my pussy, I serve as a doormat to my master and he walk me around like an animal, I suck his cock and I make pee on the ground. to finish my master tied me to a chain and leaves me in the piss and shit. I’m a real dirty big sow and I love.

The Final Scat-countdown (full Hd)

Please, don’t say that I never think about you! I was going to a pubblic toilet, when, suddenly, I decided to begin pissing and shitting in one of it. Then, in a low voice (only you can hear me) I began to order you to play with your cock. Are you able, at least, to jerk off? At one point I did the countdown: ten, nine, eight … at zero I filmed my shit! I wanted to make a game with you: can you explode at the right moment in which I show you the smelly fruits of my body?

The Tasty Lollipop Shit

Well you’ve already tried the Kack-a tasty lollipop to eat? It tastes delicious. Shit only in a container and dip my lollipop in it and I let him taste the Sun