Put The Shit In Her

Different Slaves – Fisting Cumming Or Piss Drinking

In this movie you can learn how a slave must be treated : first a fisting and a double fisting action from Mistress, followed by a humiliation scene where a perfect Romanian Goddess have a task for her slave : to cum on her high heels and clean it, then a nice piss drinking humiliation scene where the slave girl is obliged to drink master piss and her piss.

Maximum Comfort For Christina

Maximum comfort for Christina. Christina got a little sick, her nose was not breathing well. Today she was in a bad mood. To make it easier for her, she decided that I should feed myself, and she will dance on me for my pleasure and wear different panties. The pile was really big and I did not see how much it lay on my face – when it seemed to me that I almost ate everything and could rest, I began to feel my face and felt that there was still a lot of shit near my mouth. This time, Christina has accumulated a lot of urine and used me completely and hard! To Christine was not angry with me, I tried to endure and do all that she orders me as quickly as possible.

Mistresses Punish Playboy By Puking And Pissing At Him! – Part 1

After making him drink piss, they stuff a lace panty on his mouth to make him gag. To make him suffer more, they puked on the funnel and make him swallow all of it!