Putting Penis In Poop

Urine In Jeans

on me razinovye boots, jeans and down jacket. I’m strolling along the road. I met my friend. I pee in my jeans. my friend invited me home. I piss him in the car seat. now my jeans and a chair are wet machines

Sniff, Lick & Jerk Off With My Big Monster Shit

Come on, slave, sniff my shit. Today I’m in white sexy lingerie. I want you to take my shit in your hand, and then grab your cock, and cum while giving yourself a filthy shit-jerk with my shit. Then you must eat it. All to the last bit! And I want see your mouth empty and that you swallowed the waste. Prove to me that youÂ’re worth my shit.

Erica Wets The Bed

Erica is taking a nap with her boyfriend and she is very tired. Too tired to even get up and go to the bathroom to pee. She begs her boyfriend until he finally gives her permission to pee. When she is finished he gets back in bed with her and they continue their nap.