Qurting And Farting

Nothing Special. Just Scat Fivesome. Part 7

Nothing special here. Just scat Fivesome. Walk further.Enjoy:)

Toilet For Two Beautifull Girls

Two young goddess used their toilet. Adelina and Alexandra. Girls were well prepared for this meeting, they ate a lot and don’t go to the toilet for a long time. It was the most humiliate session for the slave. Girls were very well prepared – and they filled the slave with shit to the bitter end! Toilet slave served 2 beautifull Mistresses! It is inconceivable that anyone can tolerate such humiliations and be used instead of the toilet. But these girls are capable of much. They make you a toilet!

Pathetic Man Becomes Human Toilet To Pay Off Debt!

He’s in deep shit right now. He owes the girls tons of money and he has no cash to pay them off. The kinky girls seize this to their advantage and makes him an interesting proposal. They will clear off his debts if…he agrees to be their human toilet. Having no other choice, he agrees and strips naked on their command. They make him lie down on the floor and take all the pinching and whipping from them. They place the portable toilet seat over his head and they take turns crapping on it, the scat dropping right into his mouth. He willingly swallows every morsel of shit for the sake of his financial sanity.

Farts And Shit