Rape Kidnna Pee

I Shit On The Kitchen Scales

In this clip you can take a guess how much my shit weighs!

Smoking And Shitting In Pantyhose In Bathtub

Godess was again alone today, because all of her toilets were busy and working to make money for her. But she need to piss and shit so she going into bathtub, get a pair of pantyhose and dress in them. She feel so hot and sexy and their texture make her shit in them. A Epic Movie with Shitty Godess pantyhose full of her waste !! All toilets must clean now her divine asshole to clean her. After that Mistress make a shower in front of camera.

Matildas Epic Scat And Vomit Fun. Forth Camera Footage

This is angle from forth camera, a lot of moments had to be removed because of bad vision but there is absolutely lovely moment when I put my face into shit on the floor and masturbate.Consider this video as demo version for Matildas Epic Scat and Vomit Fun? and wish me good luck into making my next video.Well, this is very epic video we made only yesterday, with length more than half an hour so while downloading it you may feel almost fresh atmosphere of vomit, shit and my enthusiasm which I put into it.I have decided not to separate it into parts, because this is complete, harmonic masterpiece and separating it will be a crime against art and my sense of beauty.I have never had such experience on camera including pee, shit and vomit in one video, I have an idea also to try to do something like that when I will have periods, so the picture will be full, pee, shit and vomit.This time I have made my girlfriend to take part in video and help me. Well, see yourself, what happened from this.