Raped Girl Pissed

Take My Dirty Panty Daddy!!!

Hi my lovely kittys!) Now i present to you my new extra hot’n’dirty pantypooping clip!) Full of my creamy shit, DAT ass, and of course smearing!)) Smearing ALL leg, ass, face and more!)If you want to see, how i make dirty panty, are you welcome!) Nice quality, and of course low prices!) Special for you!) Stay tuned and check my store!)

Mistress Gaia – Shoe Lickers Reward

I’m with my friend in the studio, and we have a slave that wants to have the privilege of tasting our pee. First he must prove himself worthy, and show both of us that he knows how to behave. We begin by getting him to worship our shoes, and he has to kiss and lick them clean. There are a couple of times when we have to tell him off, and warn him if he doesn’t behave properly he will be punished. We continue with his training, until it’s time for him to be rewarded. We tell him to put the spout in his mouth and be ready. My friend then sits over him and fills the spout, allowing the slave to enjoy her delicious amber nectar. He is further rewarded by being allowed to swallow my spit and kiss my shoes. What a lucky slut…

Evil Girls! – Part 2

They kick the poor man down the floor and place the bowl of pee and shit in front of him. His face down the bowl so he can savor their urine and feces.

Plump Amateur Girl Poop

Plump amateur girl poop