Raped Wihle Peeing

The Piss With The Brush

Today the bizarre and sadistic Mistress Giorgia wants to beat and humiliate her toilet slave.The lucky slave is bound by the Mistress hands and feet and put on his knees in front of the Queen.The Mistress starts to beat the slave with a wand and kicks him in the balls, the slave suffers hard but the humiliations have just begun …The bizarre Mistress takes off the towel and puts it in the mouth of the slave then takes a glass and pisses inside.The slave who is blindfolded from the beginning does not know what awaits him: the sadist Mistress Giorgia takes a brush and starts to brush the face of the toilet, making him suck the Divine piss from the brush.Naturally, the glass remains empty ….

Introducing Safi!! Big Booty African Freak!!

New month – ONCE AGAIN a new FUNKY lady!!! This time I have gone across the ocean to the continent of Africa!! Safi is a sexy big booty ebony model I saw online on another site. I have long been a fan of her videos and was finally able to get in touch with her for the 1st time about a month ago. As she lives in a part of Africa where internet service is shaky, she was hard to reach but we were finally able to connect.Safi is currently pregnant ( I have had plenty of luck with pregnant girls this year haven’t I?”) but still down to make great EFRO action! Enjoy as she gets on all fours and drops a load in a bucket. THen shows off her pregnant belly before peeing and dropping another big load in the second scene. Two excellent FUNKY debut clips!! Be on the lookout for more clips from this African delight!!

Diva Staxxx’s Bellyaches, Bellyrubbing, And Bubbleguts!!

Enjoy over 20 minutes of pain and strain from my girl Diva Staxxx!!! She started off in the 1st scene only having to pee. Next thing you know she was on the pot dropping a hot load!! Four great scenes pooping, grunting, groaning, and straining!! Enjoy as she rubs that big ole belly in each scene as well!! For my BBW lovers, Diva Staxxx’s is a freaky, sexy, and a FUNKY as it gets!! The perfect mix of Bubble Butt and Bubbleguts!! lol