Rapepiss And Poo

Mistress Roberta – Worshiping, Farting And Diarrhea Play-full

Today my slave will be busy so i order him first to worship my feet so he grabs my foot and start kissing i give him also the soles, and easy goes up on the leg and tights and when he finally arrives at the ass i start to fart in his face and after i prepare the big black dildo for him to suck it.I send the slave to get the condom for the big black dildo he will suck for a while and after i put the potty chair over his head and pee and shit on his face but nut untill i take first a shit hand and smear it on the dildo and make him suck it deep after i shit all of it and i smear his body all with shit and make him suck more the shit dildo.I plunge his mouth with the big black cock and humiliate him order to him to stroke his cock with the shit is already on his body and i give you and closer look of what he is doing so you can have fun next to him .

Lesbian Collects Piss & Shit! Vol. 5

Lesbian recruit girls who are inexperience in the world of Scatology, they’ve never heard of it so they are ‘virgin’!!! First the Miss inspect the girls and then the girl reaction takes a piss and shit for Miss to collect for her own pleasure.

Plum Soup With Shit

It has again tasted delicious. I can taste this soup with plum-cakes with poo. You are here close to it as I let my taste fresh shit with.