Razilian Face Farting

You Love My Messy Nylons

Oxana is making messy grey nylons for you,inhale your stinky aroma!

Mistress Roberta – Shitting On The Floor Tough Panties-pov

Today i will shit directly on the wooden floor tough my la perla panties an hot cream panties so after this you will need to lick clean my ass hole, suck clean the panties and eat all the shit on the floor, enjoy your breakfast slave.

Walmart Shit

I had to shit so bad on my way to Walmart my back was hurting. So first thing I did was go straight to the bathroom when I got there. The bathroom was empty which was not surprising since it was 6 am. I set up my cam, took off my leggings, placed the set cover, then slowly pushed out a moist multi-colored load. Thankfully I had my baby wipes I hate using tissue to wipes my big ass.