Razilian Humiliation Shit

Lady Missy – Shit In The Mouth Of The Cleaning Slave P2

Lady Missy is comfortable on the couch and smokes a cigarette while her toilet slave is on the floor and lick up the shit. Lady Missy spits on the ground. The slave must lick up the spit too and the ash from her cigarette. She is very arrogant and tortures the nipples of the slave. She knows exactly that is painful for him. But look into her eyes, she enjoy it.

Caviar Pur – The Face Mask Of Shit

Come on honey and have a look at what I’m a horny slutty face mask. Oh man how good she fills on the skin when you have fresh shit on it. I know exactly what you would really like the lick me now right?

Pissing In Panties

I piss for you in a white Baumwollslip. Do you want to suck it? 😉

Shit An Night 01

comming back home at night Princess Nikki needs to shit!