Razilian Pee Drinking

Melissa’s Classics Pt 1!!!

Melissa is another OG FUNKY lady and one of my top 5 sellers of all time!! She was introduced to me by the one and only Ms D along with Lady Aria. Let me just say I was mesmerized the first time I saw her slide down her pants and reveal that big juicy chocolate ass!! OMG!! She’s a busy working woman as is Ms D Nowadays but these two ladies really helped propel my site to what it is today!! Enjoy a FUNKY dozen minutes of peeing and ploppage action. Oh yeah and that azz!!! It’s the thing of legend!! I got more requests and inquries about Melissa than any other lady in the history of my store!!

Jeans Pooping Break Up Revenge

I’m making this video today because I’m breaking up with you. I’m wearing the jeans you gave me as a present. I am gonna poop it them, get them full of shit and destroy them! I’m gonna put a little plastic toy head inside of my pants, let’s pretend this is your face… too bad you are not here with me, I would love to shit on your face!There is no way I’m gonna be able to wear those pants in the future. I’m sitting on the floor to crush the warm shit inside them. You know you deserve to be covered with my nasty shit! I should have quit you way before, you are such an asshole! You know what? I’m gonna send you these pants by mail… just sending you back your gift because I don’t need it anymore!I’m taking the toy head out of my jeans… it takes a while for me to find it, it’s buried in my shit! I put it under my butt and crush it, pretending it’s you face! Then I take off my pants to reveal the mess I did. This is the ass you will never be able to touch anymore… unless you want to come here and lick it clean… you stupid piece of shit!!Very soon you will receive the poop filled jeans by mail along with this video… I hope you enjoy it cause this is the last memory you will get of me! Goodbye asshole!!!

3 Huge Turds

pov of 3 different women shitting in your face!

Mistress Rayvens Shitting Compilation

Ms. Annas shit compilation clip features all 4 of her video scenes: Pee n poop in slaves face, Smoking toilet, Human toilet paper 1 and Human toilet paper 2. All for one low price