Real Girl Rape And Pissed

Breakfast At Mistress Michelle P1

Before the slave of Mistress Michelle is allowed to lick her feet, Mistress Michelle puts a butt plug in his ass cunt. Then he is allowed to crawl to Mistress Michelle. On knees, he licks her feet clean. Mistress Michelle enjoys a coffee. Then she pisses and shits the toilets slaves in his mouth. Great shots of the shit as it slides through the butt hole.

The Silvester Slave Shit Into Mouth P2

The toilet paper sticks deep into the slave mouth. His mouth is still filled with shit. Lady Lili looks and laugh about the stupid slave. The slave cant swallow the shit of Lady Lucy. He starts to chew on shit. Then Scatqueens Lady Domi vomit the New Years slave in his mouth, and the slave swallow. Lady Lili remains quite calm. She stand up and whip the slave. The Scatqueens noses are full with mucus and they snort their noses also directly into the slave mouth.

Bitchy Students Gang Up On New Girl And Makes Her Shit! Part 1

They gang up on her and make her shit on the floor, just like a dog would! So she squats and ejects clumps of solid scat on the floor. The girls cheer and make her eject more scat!