Real Slave Shit


POVI take a piss at work

Yellow Diarrhea

My toilet slave is very capable of eating shit! I decided to test him with diarrhea 🙂 How it’s cruel. Let’s see if he can eat all my smelly diarrhea! And he has to drink my pee too. I am planning to use him all week and more until he can’t eat any more shit or maybe until he get used to swallow easily…

Nympho Is Waiting For You At The Toilet!

On your next trip to the public toilet, make sure to watch out for this nympho! This tanned vixen spreads her legs and pees wide open to lure you inside! Once you’re in there, she will shamelessly lick the toilet bowl while you watch! She will bend over and let you fuck her in the ass or pussy! You can also hard fuck her face, no problem!

I Can’t Live Without My Human Toilet

Just like everything else in her life, she has the need to do things differently than what’s normal. This includes peeing and scatting and for this, nothing else is good for her than her indispensable human toilet, who is only too happy to swallow everything and anything that comes out of her. She hikes her skirt up and squats over the hole. She lets out a warm pile of turd, straight to his eager and open mouth. He swallows it all and licks his lips and teeth clean of shit.