Redhead Fetish Fart

Shit In A Bowl Twice

I wore stockings and high heels. I’m naked. I want to make shit. I’ll take a big garbage bag. I’m starting to steal. This can be seen in close-up. now I feel good.

Clean My Dirty Feet!

Hey my little slave,today i wanted to have fun with my shit and my feet in my bathtub.I know you love it as much as i love it.Do you want to have fun with me? Want to taste my sweet shit in your drooling mouth?Put my dirty, shit smeared feet in your mouth so u can lick it clean and suck on it?Be a good slave, then i will allow it.our last meeting on the bathroom floor you did a good job and licked and ate all my shit,even with my piss.Now i want you to massage my dirty feet.I want to put it in your mouth, that you suck on it, that you fully clean my shitty feet.And after u did this you need to lick the bathtub clean, too!let me be your mistress.let me stuff your filthy mouth with my shit nuggets and my dirty feet.let me put you on a leash so you can clean my bathtub like a dog!You dont have a choice, I’ll just do it!Lets see how you doing.Lot of Love,LucyScat

Hot Svenja Pisses Me In My Mouth!

I had met with my sweet girlfriend, Hot Svenja. After we had, spontaneously, her husband at the same time fully pissed, we sat together and talked about how awesome that was.Since Svenja had to piss again. And because I’m so horny on women and men piss, I told her to piss me in my mouth. Said done, so Svenja pissed me a horny load of delicious women piss in my mouth. Of course I swallowed everything greedy. But her last piss I kept in the mouth to give her Svenja in her mouth. So we operated horny Pissswapping and gave us horny piss kisses. Finally I licked Svenja’s sweet teeny pussy clean!

Nasty Diarrhea At Work!!! (2 Clips In 1)

I ate some pizza the night before which is now making my stomach hurt and I know it’s gonna be a nasty one! I’m at work and I have to go so bad…just as I predicted, my shit comes out runny with all kinds of farting sounds, so nasty! While I’m on the toilet I think I hear my co-worker calling so I have to cut it short…but not to bother, I come back a second time and my poo is just as nasty!!! Diarrhea lovers will love this one 😉