Redhead Must Piss

Akio’s Fetid, Salty Surprise – Part 2

The mistress’s face twisted as she pushed out the massive turd. It was dark and snake-like, and smelled properly fetid and of her innards. Wet to the touch, it slapped the human toilet’s face as it felt, as the slave struggled to chew it fast enough before it overcame him.

Mistress Roberta Feeding Her Diarrhea From Leather Pants

Mistress Roberta was dressed today in leather pants and boots. First she use her toilet mouth for cleaning and licking her legs in leather. Her toilet worshipping her legs and asshole also. She order him to stay close to her ass and wait until she will fill his mouth with her shit ! She relaxing and expulsed big diarrhea into his face and throat. She humiliate him and pushing a huge dildo in his mouth to helping him to eat her diarrhea. Another diarrhea meal prepared by Mistress Roberta !!

Hot Poop In My Jeans!

Hi, panty poop lovers! You gonna like this clip. See me poop into light blue jeans and thongs, see my shitty ass, grabbing shit with hands and smearing ?Linda

Kv Shit In Different Colors

How funny is this 🙂 Since the shit out of my ass bubbled into crowds and piled at my feet for a big pile shit auf.Fertig because always there follows a great close-up 🙂 And, behold, I have great, 🙂 shit together, the differences in color so you can see rare … or?