Rench Black Shit

A Rich Plate Of Warm Shit

The cruel Mistress Misia – in blue jeans and bare feet – gets closer, menacingly, to the empty plate … and completely fills it! How? Obviously with a mountain of warm shit, accompanied by a powerful stream of urine. What does she have to do now? Miss Misia thinks it would be a pity not to enjoy this marvelous food: she simply hates waste! So… she takes the stinky plate full of poop (what a terrible stench coming from it!) and shows the brown contents to the camera. Then, Miss Misia puts her toes in the pile of shit and using them like a fork invites you for dinner. Who has the guts to lick and eat ALL?

Filthy Pool Of Shit! – Part 3

Soon they all get out of their swimsuits and cavorted in the pool naked and filled with shit! The girls take turns sitting on the newbie’s face, teaching her how to show respect to the seniors!

Solo Bath Tub Scat Orgy

watch me shitting and shit fucking in the bath tub, fucking my shitty ass and blowing the shitted dildo, dressing up as messy as i am and having a walk outside into my neighbourhood